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Do You Offer Cupping or Micro-Current? Insurance Now Available


Did you know that a form of insurance or the practice of spreading risk existed among Chinese and Babylonian traders in the 3rd or 2nd millennium B.C.? This insurance system was even recorded in the Code of Hammurabi. And did you also know that cupping therapy began nearly 3,000 years ago in the same region?

Now, ancient practices meet modern technology with BBI’s newest endorsement offering—cupping therapy insurance available for purchase online. If you offer this therapeutic service as part of your massage therapy or bodywork business, you can add an endorsement to your BBI policy for just $35.

Insurance for Microcurrent Treatments

BBI is offering coverage for microcurrent treatments—one of the latest technologies utilized by estheticians—also available for just $35 with your BBI policy. Our base policy is only $96 a year.

That’s Cheap Insurance! What’s The Catch?

Our policy will meet the needs of most practitioners, however there are exclusions and limitations to both endorsements.

For instance, we don’t cover fire or wet cupping, so the endorsement only covers dry cupping.

And, for our microcurrent endorsement, we have the following exclusions:

  • You do not perform procedures on clients with cancer, implanted devices (such as pacemakers, defibrillators, etc.), are pregnant, or subject to seizures
  • You only use handheld microcurrent devices
  • No electrode pads are used
  • Only microcurrent devices with 500 microamps and below are used

How To Buy Cupping and Microcurrent Insurance

Purchasing a BBI policy is easy and can be done completely online. Just fill out this short application, select the endorsements that apply to you, and enter your payment information.

If you are an existing BBI client and would like to add cupping or microcurrent insurance to your policy, visit your dashboard or call one of our licensed agents at 877-536-7290.

Purchase insurance today!

Purchase insurance today!

Professional Liability Policy

This policy is for professionals who work in the Beauty and Bodywork Industry.



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