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Building Your Massage Therapy Business

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Massage therapists are artists with their hands. Through specific manipulation of soft body tissues, they’re able to enhance an individual’s well-being and overall health. Promoting your services and skills requires a successful business plan supported by research, messaging and massage therapist insurance.

You may be a practicing massage therapist who is looking to start their own business or you may be fresh in the workforce and looking to start your own practice, regardless of your circumstance, starting a new business can be tough. To help get you started, we have compiled a list of effective implementation strategies to assist you in promoting and developing your business.

Develop Marketing Material

Before you can begin marketing your business and services, it’s important to have a developed business plan as your foundation. To begin your business plan, start by creating a mission statement. Your mission statement should be concise and specific so your customers know exactly what you are marketing. Your mission statement will be a written promise to those you serve; fulfilling your promise builds trust with your clients.

Next, draft a company description that adequately explains the competitive advantages that make your business stand out. This description is the place to boast about your strengths, goals, and ways you plan to exceed your client’s expectations.

Perform research on your industry to gain a solid knowledge of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as current trends and themes. Obtaining relevant knowledge will help you begin to draft potential marketing strategies.

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Potential marketing strategies may include:

  • Email Marketing
  • Vlogs/Video Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Workshops
  • Social Promotions/Giveaways
  • Networking Events

Track the success of your marketing efforts and revise strategies to improve retention and appeal to clients. There are several different tools that can aid you in your marketing endeavors, a few of these include:

Obtain Massage Therapy Liability Insurance

As a massage therapist, you’ll be working with your client’s muscles and other deep tissues. Sometimes a client may claim an injury or other damages as a result of your service, so it’s important to obtain massage therapy insurance in the event your client decides to sue. As a licensed massage therapist (LMT), without proper protection, lawsuits can be crippling to the sustainability of your business.


If you are wondering what claims are filed against a massage therapist, a few examples include:

  • An individual scheduled an appointment with their massage therapist for a hot stone massage. After the procedure was performed, a suit was brought against the massage therapist for blisters incurred after the visit. The total amount covered by BBI was $5,000.
  • During a routine visit with the massage therapist, a woman fell while reaching for a table at the spa. Unable to get a firm grip, she fell and broke her hip. Suit was brought against the spa owner and BBI covered $62,665 in damages.
  • A client scheduled an appointment with their massage therapist to receive a full-body massage. After receiving the service, the client claimed she now suffered from nerve damage and numbness. Suit was brought against the massage therapist and BBI covered $2,000 in damages.

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All policies have conditions, limitations and exclusions, please read the policy for exact verbiage. Claim scenario circumstances vary in nature and similar claims do not guarantee coverage.

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