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Bodywork Insurance Goes to the Dogs


Have you ever thought about why some people would let animals walk around their house or spend hundreds of dollars to feed and take care of these walking beasts? No, we’re not talking about children. We’re talking about pets. There’s something about certain kinds of animals – dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and anything else that people think they can train – that fascinates people.

Pets become part of the family. We love them and want them to be as happy as possible. This is why some owners bring their pets to animal bodywork specialists. These people have the special skills and knowledge needed to give massages and use other techniques to help animals feel better. Think about it: how great do you feel when you get a good massage? Our four-legged friends feel the same way.

So, what happens if something goes wrong and the animal is injured while it is receiving a bodywork technique? Certainly, this is a rare occurrence, and one that may not necessarily be the specialist’s fault. Still, it is best for all professional bodyworkers, including those who work with cats and dogs, to be prepared for the worst.

Liability insurance for animal bodyworkers is a great way to mitigate some of the financial risks that come from being this type of specialist. It can protect your personal and business finances so you won’t lose everything if an animal is injured.

Beauty and Bodywork Insurance (BBI) was created to help professionals in the industry get the liability coverage they need to do their jobs. BBI not only offers bodywork insurance to professionals like massage therapists and aromatherapists, but also has animal bodywork insurance for those who work with people’s pets.

Even if injuring an animal while administering bodywork techniques is not a common occurrence, having the protection that insurance provides can bring peace of mind and, if it is actually needed, could save your financial life.

Are you a bodyworker and want to respond to this post? Do you have tips for other animal bodyworkers to help them with their profession? Please comment below.

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