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Are You Serious?! Every Massage Therapist’s Biggest Pet Peeves

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From the Urban Dictionary: Pet Peeve – “An irritating experience caused by others in which you have no control.” There are, of course, personal pet peeves, such as a roommate not washing their dishes, but we are more interested in professional pet peeves. The following are some responses massage therapists gave when asked what their professional pet peeves were:

  1. Clients who cancel their appointment at the last minute.
  2. Clients who cancel their appointment at the last minute, reschedule for another day, and then don’t show up to that appointment either.
  3. Clients who write false, negative reviews because the massage therapist would not accept their expired voucher. Or, because the massage therapist rendered the voucher unusable because the client missed multiple appointments.
  4. “Massage Therapists” who practice without a license, or licensed therapists who practice without massage insurance.
  5. Habitually late clients.
  6. When people call the massage table a bed.
  7. Clients with bad hygiene.
  8. Having multiple names for nearly identical modalities.
  9. Clients who call late in the day and have to get an appointment for TODAY and TODAY only!
  10. A client telling massage therapists how to do their job.
  11. Clients who don’t tip.
  12. Clients who talk on their phones while they are receiving the service.
  13. Clients who pretend they have a gift certificate even though you know they don’t have one.

Do you have any pet peeves we didn’t include here? Want to talk about similar experiences or share ways you solved the pet peeve problem? Please comment below.


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Lyndsey Larsen is the Marketing Manager for Beauty & Bodywork Insurance and writes about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and insurance.

Lyndsey Larsen is an experienced writer with a background in corporate communications and nonprofits, SAAS corporations, and nutraceutical companies. She has previously worked as a journalist for regional and national publications. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing butterflies, rockhounding, and spending time with her two kids in Utah’s mountains or deserts. Find Lyndsey on LinkedIn.

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