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BBI Acupuncture Endorsement Options Explained

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Practicing acupuncture can be exciting, but like any other practice, risks come along with it. Beauty and Bodywork Insurance offers acupuncture insurance policies, along with endorsements. These endorsements change what is included or excluded from your policy, and can be added on to the acupuncture policy while filling out the online application or changing your policy options through your online account. We’re here to outline what each one of these endorsements is, what’s included, and why it would be beneficial for you to purchase an endorsement.

Dietary and Nutritionist Professional Liability

This specific endorsement is for you if you plan to offer professional dietary or nutritional instruction or advice to your clients. If you have a client that you perform acupuncture on, and they ask you any dietary or nutritional questions, it would be wise to purchase this endorsement. If you unintentionally give any dietary or nutritional advice and something goes wrong, your client can file a lawsuit against you. However, if you have the BBI dietary and nutritionist endorsement, your business will be insured against this type of claim.. This endorsement is available for $75 with your annual acupuncture policy.

Inland Marine

This is a common endorsement for business insurance policies. Inland marine provides insurance for damage or theft of your business personal property like equipment, inventory and supplies. This endorsement, however, does not cover structural property like a building. For claims involving damage to your business property a $100 deductible applies. To break it down, if a table breaks in your office during a session, the value of the table could be covered by the inland marine endorsement on your acupuncture insurance policy. This endorsement is available for only $16 with your policy.

Woman lifting weights with fitness trainer

Fitness Trainer

If you choose to be a fitness trainer as well as an acupuncturist, this endorsement is for you. Many people choose to do this for fitness training such as yoga, dance or personal training. If you have any of these certifications and plan to use them in your business operations, you should consider purchasing this endorsement so that you will be insured in the event that a client is injured while providing your fitness training.. A fitness trainer endorsement is an additional $33 with your acupuncture policy.


A more directly-related acupuncture endorsement is cupping. BBI’s cupping endorsement is designed to insure cupping services that involve single step, manual section, using only dry silicone cups. To clarify, this endorsement does not cover wet cupping, flammable cupping, or other types of invasive cupping. This cupping endorsement is available for an additional $35 with your acupuncture insurance policy.


Microcurrent therapy is the last endorsement that can be added to your acupuncture liability insurance. Purchasing this endorsement means that you are insured for microcurrent procedures, but you agree to not perform services on clients with cancer, have implanted devices (like a pacemaker), are pregnant, or are subject to seizures. You can also only use handheld microcurrent devices which use 500 microamps and below, and electrode pads are not allowed to be used. Be aware, adding this endorsement does not allow for the performing of Electro Acupuncture services on your clients. The microcurrent endorsement is available for $35, with your acupuncture insurance policy.

The five endorsements listed above are what is available in the BBI acupuncture endorsement options. If you plan on practicing cupping or microcurrent, being a fitness trainer, advising your clients on dietary and nutritional information, or need inland marine coverage, these endorsements are exactly what you’ll need. Take a look at the BBI website for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact by chat online, or call 877-536-7290.

Other FAQs

What if the salon or spa that I work for requests a Certificate of Liability (COI) or Additional insured endorsement?

A COI or additional insured can be added to your acupuncture insurance policy for only $15.

What does acupuncture insurance cover?

Each policy is different, but the standard acupuncture policy includes General Liability, which insures for things like slips and falls, or a client getting injured if your table breaks during an appointment. It also includes Professional Liability which insures you in the event you make an error or omission in your services which leads to a client’s bodily injury, such as a client suffering unexpected bruising or excessive bleeding during your services.

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