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6 Signs of Beauty Professional Burnout and How to Combat It

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Being a beauty professional isn’t all glitz and glam. Most days, you’re on your feet all day and overworking yourself to make your clients feel and look their best. It can be exhausting and at times, you’ll need to take a step back to reevaluate your mental and physical health, so you can continue doing your best work.

People working 55 or more hours each week face an estimated 35% higher risk of a stroke and a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease, compared to people following the widely accepted standard of working 35 to 40 hours in a week, the WHO says in a study that was published in the Environment International journal.

At Beauty and Bodywork Insurance, we not only provide professional beauty insurance, but we also provide success tips so you can thrive in your career. Today we’ll share with you six signs of how to tell if you’re overworked in the salon and how you can overcome those challenges.

Sign #1: Your Feet Ache

If you’re a hairstylist, cosmetologist, esthetician, or other beauty professional, chances are you are on your feet for the majority of your day, especially if you don’t have many breaks. If you have a full schedule everyday, your feet will start to take the toll.

To combat this, make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes to work. In this case, choose comfort over style so you can take care of your feet. You can also put a cushioned floor mat where you will be working most of the day, to relieve some pressure from your feet. For more ideas on how to take care of your feet while working, view these 5 tips for when you’re working on your feet all day.

Sign #2: You Don’t Have Enough Energy

Oftentimes, you are fully focused on serving each client and if you have a full day or not, you can face energy burnout. Not feeling energized is another sign that you’re overworked. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to keep your energy levels up so you can continue doing what you love.

If you have a full schedule of clients, make sure you take five to ten minutes to yourself to have a snack and rest your feet. It can be easy to go from appointment to appointment, so make sure you are eating when you can. You should also be drinking water throughout the day to help your body have the energy it needs. If your work ethic is go, go go, you will need to remind yourself that you need to take care of yourself so you don’t burnout too quickly—especially if this is your full-time job.

Sign #3: You Doubt Your Work

A sign that you are overworking yourself is that you start to doubt yourself and your work. You may start to think your work isn’t good anymore. Another sign that goes hand in hand with doubting yourself is finding your work boring. What once was your passion may have turned into an unenjoyable way to make money.

If you find yourself doubting your work or getting bored, you need to ask yourself how well you’re taking care of yourself. As you take care of yourself mentally and physically, your creativity will be able to shine through again.There are several things you can do to get back on track and feel like your job is your passion and you have confidence in yourself and your work. Ask yourself if you are sleeping enough, getting enough nutritious food, exercising, etc.

Sign #4: You Overbook Yourself

Overbooking yourself is another overworking symptom. If you feel the need to book every hour of every day, you may be taking on too big of a load, and your body will feel that. It’s important to book enough appointments to keep you busy, but not too many that your body can’t keep up.

If you’re struggling with overbooking yourself, take a step back and don’t book as many appointments for the coming weeks. Consider taking a day or two off to hit the reset button so you can come back refreshed and ready to work.

Sign #5: You Feel Anxious

Feeling anxious as a beauty professional is not uncommon. If you’re feeling this way, you’re definitely not alone. You may be feeling anxious by the amount of clients and appointments you have, if you compare yourself and your work to others, and the several other aspects of your personal life. Whatever it may be, there is a solution that can help you so you can continue doing what you love and feel less anxiety while doing it.

Believing in yourself is a very important component to overcoming anxiety. You’ve been through beauty school and hours of hands-on training. You may have to remind yourself every once in a while that you are a trained professional and you know what you’re doing. You have a unique style you bring to the table where you’re working, and your work is valued. If you can, open up to your co-workers to share what is stressing you out and they may also have suggestions to help get you through, so you don’t feel too overworked.

Sign #6: You Lose Your Passion for Work

If you feel as though you’ve lost passion for your job as a beauty professional, you may be close to burnout. If you feel this way, remind yourself of why you started in the beauty industry in the first place. What made you take the leap to go to beauty school? Feeling like you lost your passion for work can make it feel like you are just showing up to a job everyday, instead of following your passion. Take a step back and think about why you do what you do, and work towards returning passion back into your work.

Take Time For Yourself

From all of the above signs of feeling overworked, taking time for yourself can help with each one. You can take a couple days off to recharge, or just do something for yourself you enjoy doing, like getting your nails done or spending time with family and friends. Find what works best for you so you can continue to really love what you do and enjoy the ride. We wish you the best of luck with your beauty career!

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