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5 Pet Peeves All Estheticians Share

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Our skin in our largest organ. Just like you would take care of your heart, your kidneys, and your lungs, caring for your skin deserves the same level of attention and detail.

Thankfully, estheticians are there to help us. Their knowledge and experience keep us healthy, glowing, and beautiful. However, we might be making their job much hard than it needs to be. Just check out 5 of the top pet peeves listed below to see what all estheticians wish we would stop doing:

  1. Picking at zits (or any part of the skin)

    Not only is it unsightly to have a scab or (gasp!) open wound, but it can also lead to infection, scarring, and it can even affect the types of services your esthetician can perform.

  1. Using abrasive scrubs

    We’ve all heard that it’s good to exfoliate our skin. However, using any kind of abrasive scrub is never the right way to do it. Instead, let your esthetician do the scrubbing. Or, if you must, use a gentle one (preferably one that’s been recommended by your esthetician).

  1. Not using sunscreen

    Even if you don’t think you ever go outside, you’re probably wrong. Whether you sit by an open window at work or you walk from your car into a store, you are always getting some level of sun exposure. And it all adds up to damaged skin. Part of your daily routine—if you want to avoid wrinkles, sagging skin, and discoloration—should always be to apply at least 30 SPF.

  1. Tanning

    Going hand in hand with not using sunscreen is tanning. Deliberately seeking out the sun is a recipe for aged and damaged skin. It can lead to cancer and the deep penetrating rays (of both tanning beds and the sun) lead to the breakdown of collagen, which is what gives skin its youthful suppleness.

  1. Wearing makeup to your appointment

    While it’s understandable if you come in with a light layer of makeup for end of the day appointments, a full caked-on face will definitely affect your esthetician’s ability to do their job. And, if your appointment is first thing in the morning, make sure just to go with bare skin. It will speed up your appointment, allow the esthetician to more accurately evaluate the needs of your skin, and let the products absorb properly.

So there you have it! Estheticians, is there any we missed? Share them in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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