5 Great Hairstyles from the Movies


Sometimes movies are a great way to imagine what the future will look like, what it would be like to be a spy, or even how life would be different if you lived in a Disney animated world. But, there is also something else that movies can show you: hair styles.

Whether the person’s hair is neat and tidy for a fancy dinner party or it comes about as the person is running from a monster in the woods, hair can tell you a lot about the character in the movie.

This week we compiled a list of 5 iconic hairstyles from the movies.

  1. Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians): There’s just something about Cruella’s half black, half white hair and the way she wears it that, even if you don’t want to mimic the style, makes it compelling. And if you are planning to steal 99 little dalmatian puppies (we don’t recommend this), it is almost a given that you need to have this hair style.
  2. Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With the Wind): Scarlett is a fashionable southern belle who, though her clothes and personality get most of the attention, has hairstyles that are stunning. Unlike Cruella De Vil, Scarlett’s hair styles can be copied without people wondering what crazy scheme you are planning.
  3. Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean): It’s safe to say that with all the looting, fighting, burning of villages, and avoiding people who want to hang them, pirates didn’t have a lot of time to worry about their hair. But Jack Sparrow (Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow) has the dreadlocks and facial hair that makes him recognizable in both movies and a certain ride at the Disney parks.
  4. Foxxy Cleopatra (Austin Powers in Goldmember): Beyonce’s hair in this movie is the gold standard for afros. There really isn’t much more to say. It’s that good.
  5. Leia Organa (Star Wars: A New Hope): Was there ever any doubt? Leia’s hair styles throughout the Star Wars series have been mimicked in pop culture since their debut. The hair style she has when we first meet her might even be the most recognizable hair style in fantasy movies ever.

These 5 hairstyles can be considered iconic, but they are not even close to the only ones (we’re looking at you, Marge Simpson). So, which ones did we miss? Please comment below.

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