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4 Tips to Drive Esthetic Business During the Holidays

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With the holiday season right around the corner, your personal and work routines are about to face a major disruption. So it’s best you get ready to break out the bright red and green lights, your ugliest sweater, turn up the iconic tunes and pull out your holiday marketing plans.

Yes you heard me right, your holiday marketing plans.

As an esthetician you value beauty, and your services help your clients feel like their best selves. Capitalizing on the gift-giving season can provide your business the boost it needs to propel into a profitable new year.

Coat your lips with your favorite ruby red lipstick, and enjoy a few tips on how to make the holiday season brighter with these esthetician marketing tips.

Celebrate Early: Create an Esthetic Marketing Plan

You may already have a holiday marketing plan set in place, you may be thinking ahead to next year, or you may be scrambling to pull one together for the next couple of weeks. Whatever your circumstance may be, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Identify the exact audience you would like to target with your holiday esthetic deal.
  2. Draft specific messages you would like to promote via social media, your own website, or physical handouts delivered to clients.
  3. Create a promotional calendar with specific weeks selected to unveil a new esthetics service or holiday promotion. Find a promotional calendar template online for free.

Planning will provide you a direction to work towards and will eliminate the rush to create a holiday promotion the week before Christmas.

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Packaging Is Everything

Do you remember Christmas morning when you were a kid, and you would rush to the largest wrapped present under the tree with your name on it? The appeal and packaging only reaffirmed your love for the holiday spirit of gift-giving. As an esthetician, your goal should be to capture that same spirit in your marketing efforts.

To create a deal that emanates thrill and joy, start by creating an esthetics package that is hard to pass up. Whether it is rewarding loyal customers with a holiday special or promoting a deluxe buy-one-get-one package, these deals can drive new and old customers to buy into your holiday marketing strategy.

Spread Holiday Cheer: Promoting your Esthetics Business

Get into the holiday spirit by promoting your deals via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your own personal website, if you have one. Utilizing social platforms as a tool to reach out and engage customers is a great way to spread holiday cheer.

If you are offering an esthetics deal, you may want to consider hosting a social giveaway on Facebook or Instagram. When offered a hard to beat prize, consumers are willing to share invaluable personal information.

Incorporating simple tactics into your giveaway can key you into unique information about your potential clientele. You may be interested in leveraging a giveaway as a survey to capture how the consumer heard about you, what they are interested in, and their contact information. Or you may be interested in adding a tagging feature in the giveaway instructions as a way to display who also might be interested in your product.

The individuals who participate in your social giveaway are essentially marketing your product for free. Tags, comments, shares, and referrals are simple methods to market your name and message to key audience members.

Give the Gift of Security

Spreading holiday cheer through primed marketing efforts can lead to promising rewards of increased clientele and a continued relationship with loyal clients. While you may be a seasoned esthetician, accidents can and do happen.

Purchasing an esthetician insurance policy through Beauty & Bodywork Insurance (BBI) can be done within minutes at the low price of $96. Receiving quality coverage at the price you deserve, will provide you with the security you need to keep your spirits bright as you serve your clientele this holiday season.

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