4 Tips for Nail Techs to Get More Business in the Winter

woman getting her nails painted

Whether you did a nail apprenticeship or went to nail tech school, you have worked hard to learn your skills. Sometimes getting new clients can be the main struggle you face as a nail technician. We share with you four tips on how you can get more clients in the winter time, so you can continue your passion and have success!

Tip #1: Do a Social Media Giveaway

If you don’t already have an Instagram account set up for your nail business, then we suggest you begin with that. Make sure you have an Instagram business account, so you can keep track of analytics and see your top-performing posts. If you rent space at a salon, try doing a social media giveaway. If you work at a salon, make sure it complies with their rules.

You can encourage your clients to post pictures of their nails that you have done for them and tag you to enter your giveaway. You can also partner with local small businesses to put together a package giveaway.Offering more with your giveaway will incentivize your clients and others to enter your giveaway. As they post and share content, your nail business will get more visibility, possibly leading to more clients and business.

Tip #2: Refresh Your Branding

The winter time is the perfect time to refresh your branding. Whether you have a website for your business or you’d just like to refresh your social media platforms, update it! You can also consider expanding your reach. For example, if you only have a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, consider setting up a Tik Tok account so you can show more people your talents and the nail art that you can do.

Tip #3: Show Your Clients You Care

Repeat clients are the bread and butter of your business. They will usually book their next appointment before leaving, which helps you fill your appointment book. Make sure your clients feel valued by you and comfortable in your space. You could even give them punch cards to encourage them to keep coming back. If they get 10 manicures from you, offer them a free manicure or 50% off one of your services. Punch cards are a great way to get clients to keep coming back.

Tip #4: Continue Your Education

You learned a lot in nail tech school, but there are always things in the nail industry that you can keep learning. As you expand your skill set, like adding luminary and acrylic nails to your services, you’ll be able to get more clients. You can keep learning by attending trade shows, which will also help you learn about the newest products, trends and designs. Make sure you stay in the loop and are always trying to increase your skills. Network with fellow nail technicians and learn from them.

Bonus Tip

Make sure your nail technician insurance is up to date! If you don’t sanitize your tools well enough and one of your clients gets an infection, you’ll be grateful that you have coverage in place. If a client slips on company property and gets injured, you’ll want to make sure you have insurance. Beauty and Bodywork Insurance provides insurance for nail technicians for just $96 per year, and $67 for students in nail tech school.

Invest in your business today so you can be protected in the future. Insurance provides a financial safety net, making it so you can work with peace of mind. Feel free to give our licensed insurance agents a call with any questions you may have!

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