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Making New Massage Therapy Clients Feel Comfortable


Most people think a massage would be a positive experience that would benefit their health, but a lot of those people are still nervous about making their first massage appointment.

We asked our Facebook followers to tell us how they help first-time clients enjoy their first massage experience, and here are some of their responses:


Walk them step by step through the massage process and assure them they have control.
~ Liese Petry


I travel to my clients, so they can be in a comfortable atmosphere.
~ Rochelle Rognes


Humor helps diffuse nervous situations as well sometimes. “This is my first time too! What a coincidence! We’ll be on this new adventure together.”
~ David Huffman


I never take for granted that any client “knows the drill”, so I explain to every new client how the session will proceed, step by step. Also, I convey professionalism before they are on the table, so they don’t have to be nervous about massage as a therapeutic treatment.
~ Nina Dropcho


I once had a first timer, a female, who left on her top. I worked around it, and over the drape on her back. She felt at ease knowing she didn’t have to fully disrobe, and she actually was relaxed enough to fall asleep. She loved it, and I hope that was her first of many!
~ Jackie Rheaume


Thank you for your responses, everyone!

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