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Liability Insurance for Massage Therapists, Nail Techs, Estheticians, and Other Bodywork Professionals


Are you just getting started with your massage therapy business? Whether you are a massage therapist, esthetician, cosmetologist, energy worker, body painter, nail technician, acupuncturist, or any other bodywork professional, the Bodywork Insurance Program (BWI) has the right liability insurance policy for you. Plus, we have the best bodywork insurance prices anywhere!

Why do you need liability insurance?

If someone gets hurt while getting a massage or while getting their hair done, then the massage therapist or hair stylist can be held responsible for the injury. If their property gets damaged while you are performing your professional service, then you can be held responsible for that damage as well. Even if you are determined to not be responsible, there are expensive attorney fees that you would have to pay. The BWI policy provides coverage for all those scenarios, and more!

What does BWI cover?

One other key coverage that you need is coverage for your supplies and equipment. BWI coverage includes business personal property coverage so that you can do your work without worrying about if damage to your equipment would be covered.

BWI covers many different modalities, including massage therapy, estheticians, cosmetology, hydrotherapy, acupressure, and aromatherapy. Almost any type of massage therapy is covered. From reiki to reflexology and on to pregnancy massage, we cover your specialty. If you want to teach a class on your specialty, we cover that too! BWI includes professional liability for massage therapy instructors, esthetics instructors, cosmetology instructors, and more.

Why should you choose BWI?

BWI is affordable, offers excellent coverage, and provides 24/7 online access; and it is very easy to purchase. No long applications to fill out; just go online at, click on the Purchase Policy link, and fill in the information listed. It’s that simple! You coverage begins as soon as your payment is processed. After that, just relax and know that the Bodywork Insurance Program is there to insure your peace of mind. Keep an eye on our new blog for more articles and information that will help your business grow! Contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome to BBI!

We provide beauty professionals like yourself affordable liability insurance at the click of a button. Get coverage in minutes and stay focused on your clients.

Professional Liability Policy

This policy is for professionals who work in the Beauty and Bodywork Industry.



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