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3 Bad Habits of Beauty and Bodywork Professionals


Being a massage therapist, cosmetologist, esthetician, and many other types of methods in the beauty and bodywork industry, can be a rewarding but challenging career. Unfortunately, sometimes beauty and bodywork professionals make the job even harder than it needs to be.

Habits that professionals in the industry need to stop now

  1. Waiting for customers to come to you:

    There are likely literally hundreds of hair stylists in your area for people to choose from. The same goes with massage therapists, nail technicians, and even makeup artists. Even those modalities that are less common, such as Reiki and Reflexology, still have a number of people working where you live. The bottom line is that you simply cannot afford to wait for people to come to you. Sure, you might get a few customers that way, but for the most part people are going to go to your competitors. Get your name out there. Recruit customers. If you are really shy and don’t want to attract customers by talking to them directly, you might try some advertising or other method of letting people know you are there and ready to help them. Otherwise you can talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors, friends of friends, and anyone else you think could use your services. Get out there and find your clients.

  2. Not purchasing insurance:

    Full disclosure – yes, we are an insurance company that offers insurance to beauty and bodywork professionals. And yes, we do believe that our insurance policies are the best in the industry (as to many of our customers). So, while it may seem that we are a little biased, we really aren’t. Having insurance is one of the most important ways you can protect yourself and your business in case something goes wrong. Consider what would happen if you accidentally injured a client and they had to go to the hospital. Do you have enough money to cover those expenses on your own? Even if you do, you probably don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on someone else’s medical expenses. This is where insurance, particularly BBI insurance, can help you. Whether you decide to go with BBI or another insurance company, it is important that you not procrastinate or neglect purchasing a policy.

  3. Being negative:

    This is one bad habit that does not affect everyone, but it can be enough of a problem that beauty and bodywork professionals need to be aware of it. Staying positive is one attribute that attracts other people to you. They WANT to be around you. However, if you are always complaining, or if you immediately find the negative aspect of every situation, people will not want to be near you, and they won’t want your services. If you’re having a bad day, don’t take it out on your clients. Do your best to stay happy and positive. It’s really that simple.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have other bad habits you would like to see your fellow beauty and bodywork professionals stop? Please comment below.


Chris is a licensed agent and VP of Business Development for Veracity Insurance Solutions.

Chris uses his 30-plus years of industry experience to ensure that business is done the right way and that small business owners have the protection they need. He enjoys spending time traveling with his wife and three daughters, as well as spending time outdoors golfing, skiing, and fishing.

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