6 Things Massage Therapists Need in 2018

6 Things Massage Therapists Need in 2018


With the New Year quickly approaching, massage therapists must prepare for a successful year in 2018. Small changes and simple additions, such as obtaining massage therapy insurance, can significantly impact your massage therapy room, your client’s ability to relax and your happiness in your profession.

We’re here to help! BBI compiled a list of six things all massage therapists should have in 2018.

  1. Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Clients who visit your massage studio are seeking respite from their hectic schedules. One way to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere is to purchase an essential oil diffuser.

    According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our sense of smell is the ultimate factor in our response to essential oils. As we breathe the vapor exhausted from the diffuser, the plant-based oils stimulate smell receptors in the nose. The receptors then send chemical messages through the central nervous system to the brain’s limbic system. This system directly affects our moods and emotions. Massage therapists can utilize this tool to create a peaceful atmosphere for their clients.

  2. New Storage Container

    We've all been told less is more. Purchasing a new storage container can help you reduce or contain clutter, and it can help create a more open and clean atmosphere in your massage studio. Placing items in attractive cubbies or on a roller storage container can help create a more cohesive space.

    As a rule of thumb, having several items in sight can send a negative message to your clients. It may appear to clients that you are overwhelmed and unprofessional. While the massage is the main focus, compliment your service with a clean space.

  3. Fresh Flower Decor

    Believe it or not, researchers at Harvard University have discovered a direct link between flowers and happiness. In fact, the study “Home Ecology of Flowers,” illuminated three positive impacts flowers can have.

    vase of flowers
    • Flowers can evoke compassion. Participants who had flowers in sight noted they felt a significant increase in feelings of kindness and compassion.
    • Flowers can reduce sadness. Participants noted they felt less oppressed when flowers were in their environment.
    • Flowers are the ultimate mental and physical “lift.” Participants shared they felt a surge of happiness, enthusiasm, and energy due to flowers in their home.

    Mother nature may be the answer to maintaining an uplifting workspace for your client. Add a vase of fresh flowers for an energy boost and a splash of color.

  4. Fresh Stroke of Paint

    Consider taking a fresh stroke of paint to the walls in your massage therapy studio. If you are looking to make your room feel more spacious, consider a light shade of grey, green, or purple to illuminate the room. Green is an ideal color to promote relaxation and meditation due to its mimicry of nature environments.

  5. Framed Photography

    Selecting artwork that contributes to the overall message of relaxation can send a message to your client you are serious and professional about your practice. Pictures with depth, rolling oceans, meadows and fields will signal attention to meditative spaces that can reduce stress. Frame images to provide an extra pop of elegance.

  6. Obtain Massage Therapy Insurance

    Licensed massage therapists (LMT) who haven’t obtained protection from a massage therapy insurance policy are exposing themselves to steep out-of-pocket costs. Here at BBI, we believe in providing “A+ Rated” coverage with our quote-to-certificate process handled completely online.

    BBI has two massage therapy insurance policies to choose from:

    Most clients find they can complete their purchase within 10 minutes or less. Seconds after their transaction, they can also login to their customer dashboard and have access to all of their policy documents.

To obtain quality coverage in minutes and peace of mind while you work this New Year, purchase your massage therapy insurance today!