5 Resolutions for Beauty and Bodywork Professionals in 2015


2015 is here! With the new year comes an increase in people attending the gym (for about a week) and health food leaving the grocery store shelves en masse until people once again discover that it tastes disgusting and go back to junk food.

Then there are the New Year’s resolutions of massage therapists, hair stylists, and other bodyworkers. Some of their resolutions are unique because they have to do with their profession. So, while some people have the goal to get a regular massage or to visit a hair stylist more often, the professionals who perform these services have their own goals. The following are 5 New Year’s Resolutions for professionals in the bodywork, massage therapy, and cosmetology industries.

  1. Be prepared for unexpected downtimes. Unfortunately, there will always be clients who cancel their appointments at the last minute. A great way to deal with this situation is to have something ready to do beforehand. You could use the time to clean your station or even just read a book. Whatever you like, just be prepared for those times when you seemingly have nothing to do.
  2. Be strict with habitual late arrivals. People are late sometimes. It happens. But when the client arrives late for EVERY appointment, it might be time to put your foot down. Sure, you might lose a few clients, but it will mean less stress for you and it could even give your client an incentive to be on time.
  3. Get your name out there. This could be as simple as printing out business cards to creating a website or even asking your clients for testimonials. The ultimate goal is to gain new clients and have a full schedule for 2015.
  4. Find what is unique about you. If you are a massage therapist, there are likely dozens of other MT’s in your area. Are you a hair stylist or another beauty or bodywork professional? Same issue. A great resolution for this year would be to find what makes you unique from the other professionals in your area then use that uniqueness as a strength to attract new clients.
  5. Enjoy your job. Sometimes it can be easy to forget why you got in the beauty or bodywork industry in the first place. Sure, there are negative aspects, just like every other job, but you should do what you can to have fun at your job. Starting to get bored? You could try rearranging your booth or changing your routine to avoid just going through the motions.

Do you have other New Year’s resolutions you’d like to share? Want to comment on any of the resolutions we mentioned? Please comment below.

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