5 Hairstyles from TV Personalities We Love to Hate


Watching TV can be a way to relax and unwind, especially if you have a favorite TV show that you catch every week. But here’s the thing - sometimes little things about the TV show can take away the relaxation and make us all go a little crazy. And one of the worst of these distractions is hair.

Have you ever watched someone on TV and just wanted to immediately take some scissors or clippers to their hair? We have, and there are 5 people in particular who we would (or in some cases, would have because, thank goodness, they changed it) really like to get in a hair stylist’s chair and strap them in until we can figure out exactly what to do with whatever it is that’s on top of their head. The following are those 5 people and the reality TV shows they are (or were) on, just in case you feel like getting a little nauseous.

  1. Donald Trump - The Apprentice: Was there ever any doubt good old Donald would be on the list? There’s just something about his “hair style” that makes us want to take scissors to our eyes so we don’t have to look at it again. And what if he runs for president? Or worse … what if he wins? We would have to look at that hair all the time. The good news is that his hair could probably all of America's enemies enough to make them behave.
  2. Pauly D - Jersey Shore: Even though it could probably withstand hurricane force winds and it is basically defying gravity, Pauly D's hairstyle just isn’t one we enjoy looking at.
  3. Anne Burrell - Chef Wanted: Sometimes people choose their hairstyle and just kind of make it their own. This is what Anne Burrell has done. So, while we are not particularly fans of her hair style, we can’t really see her any other way. Go figure.
  4. Guy Fieri - Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: In this case it’s not just the hair, but also the color that is driving us crazy. Those tips are so sharp it almost looks like they would cut your hand if you touched his hair, and the color makes us almost go into convulsions. Guy, stick with being a food expert and let a hair styling expert take a whack at that hair.
  5. Nicki Minaj - American Idol: The good news about women’s hairstyles on reality TV is that a bad hairstyle usually doesn’t last very long. Which, in Nicki Minaj’s case, is good because this hairstyle (mostly the color) confused us. It almost looks like we should be eating it because it’s cotton candy! Luckily this “hairstyle” didn’t last long and Nicki has moved on.

Do you agree with our list? Want to include other scary celebrity hairstyles? Please comment below.